The Reason Corporate Health Checkups are Becoming Popular

The Reason Corporate Health Checkups are Becoming Popular

A company grows and becomes successful because of its best performing employees. And for the employees to be at their best they must be healthy and happy. This is because a Healthy Staff is highly capable of delivering the desired results hence investing in your employees in always beneficial in the long run.

What is a Corporate Health Checkup?

Corporate Health Checkup consists of a complete health checkup package that involves certain tests that point out the health status of your employee. It is actually the best way to keep a track of employee wellness.

Why is Corporate Health Checkup necessary?

Pandemic, you would agree has had most/all of your employees working from home. It’s not only important to secure their health but also, we must ensure that they are able to strike a perfect work-life balance. Handling corporate work pressure especially at such times can be stressful because of constant competition. Stress can give rise to several ailments and diseases that affects a person’s performance and hence has a negative effect on the company’s overall business.  A regular employee health checkup helps employees take preventive or precautionary measures just at the right time. I’m sure you would agree that not all employees practice a healthy lifestyle. They may or may not visit the doctor to check their blood pressure or blood sugar as they generally do not notice the symptoms.

Additionally, the Maharashtra Government has made it compulsory to complete 2 doses of vaccination before you start commuting by local trains, the lifeline of Mumbai. For their travel to be safer, and for them to be protected against the deadly corona virus, Corporates have already started organizing Health Checkup Camps & Vaccination Drives to ensure safety and wellness of their employees.

A regular health check-up result actually pushes your employees to start practicing a healthy lifestyle and refrain from unhealthy habits that may aggravate health problems. Hence prioritizing your employee’s health is crucial.

Benefits to an Organization

  • Creates a Positive, Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Keeps Employees Motivated and Boosts their Morale
  • Reduces Employee Absenteeism and Sick leaves
  • Nurtures Employee Creativity and Commitment
  • Increases Productivity
  • Develops Stability and a Strong Bond between the Employer and the Employees.

Benefits to the Employees

  • Reduces Stress and Improves their Physical Fitness
  • Strikes a Work-Life Balance
  • Reduces Health Risks
  • Reduces Personal Medical Costs
  • Access to their Health Information
  • No Sick Leaves means no Deduction in Salary

SIDRAH CARE offers tailor-made Corporate Health checkup Packages for Working Professionals considering the occupational hazards and risks.

We offer services that are consistently high-quality, meet international standards of care and are focused on patient convenience and safety, and have the highest levels of ethics and transparency.

We would like to be your partner in securing your employees health by conducting an EXCLUSIVE HEALTH CHECK-UP CAMP with no cost at your office.

The Health Check-up Camp will include the following:
  • Health Check Up –BP screening , BMI , Blood sugar , Respiration, Heart Rate, Daily Calories Intake & Oxygen Saturation
  • Oral Health – Check up with dentists providing guidance on maintaining Oral Health
  • Guidance from doctor on leading a healthy life style
  • Guidance on stress management & mental health
  • Preparing yourself for the 3rd wave, steps to be taken

Corporate Health checkups are way of showing compassion towards your employees. This builds trust and ensures overall corporate wellness

Are you looking to arrange an Employee Health Checkup in your company? Click the link to fill the form and avail our services for the Health Checkup Camp.


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Mr. Arun Jadhav

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