End Your Diabetes Control Struggle with These 5 Tips

End Your Diabetes Control Struggle with These 5 Tips

Living with diabetes can be a struggle. Since your doctor has advised you to make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, it is important to follow those strictly to manage your diabetes. Treating diabetes early is important because it puts patients’ health on a trajectory for the rest of his/her lives.

Why is it important to monitor blood glucose levels?

To reduce the future complications of health complications, monitoring blood glucose levels is imperative. High levels of blood glucose can increase the risk of kidney disease, stroke, eye disease, heart failure, and poor circulation to the limbs. Thus, diabetic patients need to make a healthy food choice, stay active and take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. With so many restrictions on food choices, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it to follow is strict.

Managing diabetes is possible if you:

  • Take medicines regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet as advised
  • Stick to your fitness schedule
How to control your blood sugar levels?

Eat a healthy diet
Your dietary choices play a vital role in controlling your blood sugar levels. Speak to your healthcare team for a balanced diet plan to keep a check on diabetes. Your eating plan should focus on low-carb veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and low-fat dairy products. Choose to drink water instead of juice and regular soda.

Stay hydrated
The health benefits of drinking plenty of water are immense! Drinking enough water can aid you to keep a check on blood sugar levels. It keeps you hydrated and helps your kidneys flush out the excess blood sugar through urine. The study by experts has revealed that those who drank plenty of water have a lower risk of developing high blood sugar levels.

Manage your stress levels
Stress adversely affects your mental as well as physical health. High stress levels lead to the secretion of hormones such as glucagon and cortisol that cause blood sugar levels to go up. Diabetic patients should exercise daily, meditate, do yoga and stay relaxed to deal with insulin secretion problems.

Eat fenugreek seeds
Diabetics must include fenugreek seeds in their diet as these seeds are an excellent source of soluble fiber that can effectively lower blood sugar levels. Fenugreek seeds are safe herbs that reduce fasting glucose and improve glucose tolerance. You can also make fenugreek flour, brew it into tea or add it to baked items.

Maintain a healthy weight
Losing weight helps control blood sugar levels. Obese people are at higher risk of increased sugar levels diabetes and greater occurrences of insulin resistance. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight.

A handful of simple changes can make a big difference! Fight against this deadly disease by making healthy choices and following the doctor’s advice.


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