Health-check Package

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Sidrah Price - Rs.4479

Know your health status with our preventive Health-checkup package!

Most of the people have no time to involve themselves in physical activities due to busy and tight schedules. The doctors are encouraging to go for a regular health checkup as it helps in detecting potential health issues before they turn out to be chronic. By getting the health screening, you are taking an important step towards a healthier and longer life.

Sidrah Care offers Health-check package for a preventive health screening and know your health status. Various types of tests are performed such as complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation Rate, Glycosylated Heamoglobin, etc. in NABL certified labs that can help in preventing and spreading the diseases before it’s too late to be treated. A proper health checkup is very important to increase your lifespan and live a healthy lifestyle.

So, for an improved and healthy life, book the package now!

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Test Details (72 parameters included)

Complete blood count (23)
Erythrocyte sedimentation Rate (ESR)
Glycosylated Heamoglobin (Hba1c) (2)
Lipid profile (7)
Thyroid profile (3)
Comprehensive renal profile (6)
Urine routine (18)

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CoVid Swab Test (Rt-Pcr)