Get yourself ready for the 3rd wave of COVID

Get yourself ready for the 3rd wave of COVID

Do you have your check-list ready before the third wave knocks in? Is the 3rd wave really inevitable? Will it be more relentless than the 1st and the 2nd? That being asked, it actually may be difficult to predict the magnitude of the 3rd wave. However, it’s certainly possible to measure its probable impact based on the previous 2 waves. These measurements can certainly serve as the foundation for getting a supple Health infrastructure ready for a possible 3rd wave.

The government is already working on the prime focus areas like boosting of oxygen and focusing on vulnerable geographies to prepare for the 3rd wave. Building a trained workforce before the 3rd wave as shortage of medical & paramedical staff was one of the concern areas alongwith inadequacy of beds. Of course, the speed of vaccinations will matter the most in deciding whether or not there will be a nationwide 3rd wave. To avoid the disastrous consequences, vaccination should be our topmost priority, especially for the children who could be the next susceptible group. A study conducted, also suggests that the intensity of the third wave can be more hazardous but by levitating our efforts and bettering our health infrastructure in advance along with vaccination, we can undoubtedly reduce the death counts.

The fact that India faced a severe second wave of infections, which affected the health infrastructure, has accentuated the seriousness of preparing well for the third wave.

Let’s follow this Check-list to reduce the impact of a possible 3rd wave.

  • GET VACCINATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The vaccine has proven to reduce the intensity of the infection as well as reduce transportability.
  • Set up Awareness Camps to eradicate myths.
  • When coughing, cover the mouth with a cloth
  • Do not smoke and stay away from other lung declining activities.
  • Expand your Health Insurance Cover
  • Encourage the poor to seek medical advice
  • Do not believe in rumours

At Home

  • Wash your hands for atleast for 20 seconds
  • When sick, stay home.

At Office

  • Continue Wearing the Correct Masks & Double Mask if possible
  • Wash your hands for atleast for 20 seconds

On the Go

  • Use a hand sanitizer on the go
  • Keep a distance of at least 6 feet from the infected
  • Do not touch surfaces
  • Don’t wander without necessary work
  • Avoid public gatherings

Let’s together ensure to follow this check list and stand together to face the possible third wave.

Are you ready with your check-list?


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