Nursing Care Services

Recovering from home after surgery can limit you with your daily activities. Our compassionate and certified nursing assistants can assist you to a healthy and complete recovery.
Get 12 / 24-hr home care from a Sidrah Care’s certified nurses!

Looking for a compassionate nursing care in Mumbai? Sidrah Care offers world-class nursing care services across Mumbai that allow you to get professional nursing care in the comfort of your home. Our highly trained attendants provide quality care, companionship and medical support to patients. They help them with medication, injury or post-surgery recovery and personal care.

Several medical conditions such as arthritis, physical disabilities, age-related conditions, and surgical wound prevent patients from caring for themselves and thus, needs prolonged care at home. We offer customized nursing care at home as offered in a healthcare facility while being more empathetic towards the patients and develop an emotional bond with them as well as their family.

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    Why choose our nursing care services?

    Our nursing care services adhering to international standards ensure that well-being of patients is never compromised. We aim to bring the most attentive care to patients by following the key guidelines in the medical profession.
    Our nursing care professionals are:
    Thoroughly Evaluated
    Comprehensive interviews and competency check
    Constantly Trained
    Nurses trained in leading hospitals
    100% Verified
    Thorough background checks & verification of education qualification
    Training Areas
    Patient care, home care and behavioral training

    Nursing care services Offered

    Our certified and well trained nurses excel in providing various services:

    Post-surgical Care
    Elder care
    Chronic care
    Urinary Catheterization Care
    Wound care
    Injections, and IV infusion
    Diabetic care
    Administering medication
    Personal care including dressing, bathing, and other daily activites
    24-hour emergency care
    Social and recreational activities

    Our nurses are also trained in performing an array of medical procedures such as:

    Vital sign monitoring
    Diet and nutrition monitoring
    Regular checkup as per the doctor’s prescription
    Updating and following up with the doctor
    Pain Management

    Benefits of home nursing care

    Patients tend to recover sooner at home
    Nurses support the patient in your absence
    Brings attentive nursing care in the comfort of your home
    Avoid unnecessary hospitalization
    Improved health outcome