How it works


Pathology Labs & Hospitals - Delegate and Track Tasks

With Sidrah Care App, Pathology Labs and Hospitals can save time and stay on schedule by assigning and tracking home blood collection tasks. It is user-friendly tool that allows you to add new leads and delegate the tasks to phlebotomist as per the availability.

How it works?

  • Add customer details and manage requirements
  • Create a new phlebotomist and view its availability status
  • View leads (customers) and assign task to the phlebotomist
  • View the task completion status
  • Track daily collection report

Keep your daily sample collection task on track with Sidrah Care Task Management app


  • Track the task from beginning to end
  • Empowers you to work more productively and efficiently
  • Track task progress
  • Get the task done on time
  • Adjust assigning the task as required

Overcome the challenges of managing day-to-day home blood collection tasks with Sidrah Care App. It’s an easy way to assign tasks and monitor task progress in the most efficient way.

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