E Consultation Package

Regular Price – Rs. 999 (Family)

Sidrah Price – Rs. 599 (Family)

Consult with our highly experienced healthcare specialists online!

Electronic consultation offered by Sidrah Care has brought the positive impact on healthcare sector and has changed the lives of many people. There are plenty of things which make it a viable option for health and medical consultations. Apart from convenience and timely advice, there are many advantages the patients get from this service.

No matter in which part of the country you reside, you can communicate with our healthcare specialists using the best and affordable Electronic Consultation services. Without face-to-face visit, patients can consult the specialist online and get a timely advice from them.

Patients have to enter their symptoms into an application and a report is generated which is assessed by healthcare providers for examination. Doctors collect the information drawn from patient’s electronic health record and acknowledge them about the effective treatment for speedy recovery.

Benefits of E Consultation

Hassle free online consultation
Connect with specialist quickly
Get advice without face-to-face visit
CoVid Swab Test (Rt-Pcr)